My name is Julia Rose and I belong to a newly forming group called “Non-Toxic Mt. Shasta.” Part of our mission is to ban glyphosate in Mt. Shasta. Glyphosate, as you may know, is a carcinogenic chemical used in pesticides and herbicides, such as Roundup. These agents are commonly used at our children’s schools and in public parks, as well as by home owners on their lawns and gardens.

Are you aware of the risks involved in using chemicals with glyphosate? The State of California’s Environmental Protection Agency has declared that glyphosate is a harmful Type-1 Carcinogenic.

Increasingly, scientific studies are showing the dangers associated with glyphosate in the environment and in the human body. Glyphosate has been found to be linked to cancer in adults, specifically, lymphoma, and a cause of liver damage. In children, glyphosate causes an increase risk of leukemia, autism, obesity, infertility, and brain cancer.

To date, there are approximately 33 cities and/or counties in California that have banned the use of Glyphosate. They include Los Angeles County, Marin County, Napa, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Berkeley, Davis, and many more. If these cities and counties in California can ban glyphosate, so can we.

How would it affect our community if Mt. Shasta City would adopt a non-toxic, organic-only, pesticide policy? All pesticides with glyphosate and other toxic chemicals would be removed from all stores in Mount Shasta and the use would be prohibited by any person or organization. Toxic pesticides would be substituted with organic agents. How do you think Mt. Shasta would handle this change?

Julie Rose

Mount Shasta