Steve Gerace, award winning and long time editor of the Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers (who has since moved on to other adventures) will be missed dearly by our community in his role as editor (whether you actually knew him or not).

Steve was an invisible force for good in our little town and our broader community through his work as editor for over 20 years.

After many years of working with him on behalf of my clients it suddenly dawned on me that he was not just good, but a really great editor and community leader. He strove every day to be fair, honest, clear, creative, and perhaps most importantly ... he helped us avoid (as much as possible) debilitating conflict with each other while still making sure everyone’s different and diverse voices were fairly heard.

It was so subtle, Steve’s community building and leadership. It started with him deeply caring for people. He cared about owners of small businesses and took their press releases, improved them, and printed them. He knew that releases in the paper would help businesses launch and grow. He even volunteered to give free workshop talks for JEDI ‘s small business classes so owners could learn how to work with the paper well. He knows that small businesses are the foundation of our town’s economic health, and he sincerely wanted them to be successful.

Steve also helped our non-profit organizations (no matter how big or small) with their important missions to help individuals, whole communities, and our precious surrounding natural environments. Steve worked well with city and county governments and went the extra mile to meet their deadlines to get the word out.

Steve listened and helped us communicate effectively about what was important to us – consistently. As writer, photographer, and editor, he held us all under a positive umbrella and helped us be, and see, ourselves as a community that is resourceful, hopeful, vital, interesting, and diverse. Week after week, we saw each other through his eyes as a community that can learn and meet its challenges together. Steve helped our community thrive during his time as an editor and leader. Steve was virtually invisible to many as he was always highlighting the successes of others. Steve was a powerful community builder for us all. Thank you Steve.

Di Strachan

Mount Shasta