“Amos is going to be a great general manager because he already knows the infrastructure inside and out,” said utility worker Scott Boone.

McCloud’s Public Works Superintendent Amos Dee McAbier has been hired as the new general manager for McCloud Community Services District.

Appointed as acting GM on June 26, McAbier was hired for the permanent position July 1.

While temporarily filling both the GM and Public Works Supervisor positions himself, McAbier will eventually hire someone to replace him in his old role.

“I figured sometimes you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone to do what’s best for the community,” McAbier said.

Working with the MCSD since 2015, McAbier knows the infrastructure and political climate of the town.

“We need someone that will stick it out for the long haul and I know the ropes,” said McAbier. “It won’t always be easy or fun, but years down the road we will see the rewards from our efforts.”

McAbier wants to continue to seek out grant funding, a project that former GM Kevin Dalton, was working on.

“The water distribution system is failing. It was built in the 50s with WWII surplus spiral weld steel pipe,” said McAbier. “It will take grants to financially update this. This has been a priority before but we haven’t had the funding. We have to get through the current Rate Study to evaluate where we are financially and we may have to raise the rates. We should have done this years ago. This needs our immediate attention.”

Another of McAbier’s goals is to “increase the public’s awareness,” he said. “We have to be transparent and I think they need to be informed on how much is involved to keep our water running and our toilets flushing. I want our community to be informed and understand what we may need to do to keep things going.”

McAbier started his first week working long hours filling his two positions.

Though his current knowledge of the MCSD already gives him a good head start, McAbier knows that he has to catch up on some managerial knowledge in the office. He already has all the required licensing, including his Grade 2 Water Treatment and Water Distribution Operator licenses. His past experiences have been working for the Community Services District in Happy Camp, managing a grocery store and in construction.

McAbier and his wife Jessica own their home on the outskirts of McCloud. Jessica works in McCloud and their daughter Jaden goes to school in town.

“It would be nice to someday retire here,” he said. “I’m not going anywhere. I love this community.”

The services that the district provides to the community include water, sewer, alleys and park maintenance, refuse pick up, green waste disposal, the library and the fire department. The staff includes a secretary, financial officer, two utility workers, a refuse operator, a part-time park maintenance worker, a part-time accounting clerk, a part-time librarian, a part-time sewer operator, a part-time fire chief and many volunteers for the library and fire department.

McAbier is already seeing some support from the community upon his appointment.

“Amos is going to be a great general manager because he already knows the infrastructure inside and out,” said utility worker Scott Boone.

“I think his appointment as General Manager is a very good thing,” said past board member Anne Simons of McAbier. “He’s intelligent, hardworking, and very knowledgeable of the operational side being the superintendent of Public Works. But he also knows a lot about government and state requirements that makes him very valuable.”

All McCloud District meetings are open to the public. For information about the McCloud Community Services District or meeting times go to www.ci.mccloudcsd.ca.us. The MCSD office is located at 220 W. Minnesota Ave and the office number is (530) 964-2017. They are also on Facebook.