Stop the madness at our borders! Children separated and caged, crying without relief or comfort are serious high crimes against humanity. Putting innocent lives in dire conditions, forcing them to drink out of toilets, are crimes being committed in our name. Trapping children in a political hell, without love and attention, is morally indefensible. Such inhumane actions are “cruel and unusual punishment.” Such actions are outside the democratic principles we share as a nation, as a people.

The fearful narrative leading this National crisis is mired in a history of social prejudices and unfair economic policies. America’s public servants, empowered by three branches of government, are divided on how to honor the People’s collective will. This is not the time to tolerate white supremacy rhetoric. This is not the time to ignore the power of “for profit platforms” invading every aspect of public life. Children are being imprinted, perhaps for the rest of their lives, with hate and violence.

This is the time to back away from the militaristic precipice of war and destruction. Hell’s realm of torture, oppression, and powerlessness is too costly. This is the time to exorcise the demons from America’s colonial past and expel the selective notions of a “favorite race.” Such obsolete notions sow seeds of discontent and division. Our civic duty is to atone for past atrocities while educating the mind with renewed inspiration to change.

We activate the power to change when we, individually and collectively, take responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions. Thus, our ultimate duty is to salvage America’s moral compass by neutralizing our fears and emotional trauma with love and human kindness. Only then as a nation can we move with integrity beyond the manufactured madness and begin to heal. Only then, with courage, beauty, and truth, can we rise.

Gloria Cooper

Mount Shasta