This is the first of five profiles the Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers has planned on the candidates running for the District 1 Assembly seat on Aug. 27. Candidates include Democrat Elizabeth Betancourt and Republicans Patrick Jones, Megan Dahle, Lane Rickard and Joe Turner.

Assembly candidate Joseph Turner is a disabled veteran from Lassen County who said he is ready to fight for the constitution and against the “radical left.”

Turner is one of five candidates running for the District 1 Assembly seat recently vacated by Brian Dahle after he was elected to the State Senate.

Also on the Aug. 27 special primary ballot are Republicans Patrick Jones, Megan Dahle and Lane Rickard as well as Democrat Elizabeth Betancourt.

If one candidate does not win the Aug. 27 primary outright by garnering 50 percent of the vote, plus one, the two top vote getters, regardless of political affiliation, will run off in a Nov. 5 special general election.

Turner resigned his position as Lassen County Republican Central Committee Chair in order to run for Assembly, and said he supports the State of Jefferson movement.

“Politics as usual have failed us as usual,” he said. “Reaching across the aisle has failed. Our rights are being trampled: guns, speech, parental, property. Our friends, families, and businesses are fleeing in droves.”

“We have to demand the Union to step in where appropriate and our representatives have to sue California back into being a republic,” Turner added. His campaign slogan is “fight or flight,” and he intends to fight.

Turner spent 17 years enlisted in the military and 14 years as a noncommissioned officer.

“I’ve spent multiple years working in operations between a mobilization task force and the engineers working on the Southwest border,” Turner said. “I managed the National Guard Armory in Susanville for a number of years, and have indepth experience with government regulations, administrative functions, and logistical functions.”

Turner was elected to be on the CAGOP Platform Committee earlier this year before issuing his resignation to pursue the Assembly seat.

Turner said one of his best qualifications is that he won’t compromise on the rights the U.S. constitution affords Americans.

“I understand that our rights are inherent and the constitution prevents government interference in our rights,” he said. “It is not a permission slip to be debated and compromised.”

Q&A with the candidate

Turner answered several questions of specific interest to Siskiyou County residents in an interview via email.

Q: What separates you from the rest of the candidates?

A: No other candidate will aggressively advocate for our rights that are being trampled on by both California and the federal government. Other candidates will do more to go along and get along.

I am not beholdened to any special interest since I am medically retired and I do not need the pay check. I don’t have to risk upsetting my customers or regulatory reprisal. I have nothing to lose by keeping my word and being a strong advocate for our needs and especially our Rights.

Q: What is your motivation to run for this office?

A: I’m tired of seeing family and friends moving to escape California. This is our home and we should not have to become refugees to safeguard our rights.

My wife wanted to move because of the transgender indoctrination/abuse curriculum coming down the pipe because we have a young daughter. Children are incapable of formulating the concept on their own and early introduction is a form of induction. The same thing happens with early suicide prevention education. It increases suicide in children because the concept is foreign to them and they would not come to that conclusion on their own. As far as adults making adult choices, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest but children can’t make up their minds on Halloween costumes or a Christmas wish list, let alone permanently altering their bodies with chemicals and surgeries.

Q: What are your three main goals if elected?

A: • Sue California for every constitutional trespass in federal Court.

• Stand up for our rights: keep and bear arms, free speech, assembly, parental rights, etc.

• Restore a truly bicameral legislature to California to fix our tyrannical lack of representation. California is an oligarchy with 120 legislators and rigged rules to suppress competition.

Q: Do you believe that small communities should embrace the marijuana industry? Do you think encouraging cannabis-based business is a way to build the economies of towns, or is it detrimental?

A: Prohibition is detrimental as it encourages criminal enterprise to facilitate a demand. The war on drugs is an abject failure and has caused tens of thousands, if not more, unnecessary deaths.

Responsible agriculture is always preferred to criminal enterprise wrecking our forests.

Q: In what way would you support forest management and reduction of wildfire risk?

A: We have to harvest our forests and manage our garden. The standing dead wood and dwarfed growth cannot withstand the natural burn cycle without devastating results.

Q: What is your opinion on removal of the Klamath dams?

A: Removing water storage while population growth continues is criminal and states agreed to the federal government making agreements within and outside the Union. Any state compact without the approval of congress is illegal.

Q: How will you support constituents on both sides of the political spectrum?

A: We all have mutual goals. As long as the goals do not include violating the rights of others, I can easily support and represent people of all walks of life and ideologies. But I won’t compromise and violate anyone’s rights.

Q: What is your opinion on the Jefferson movement?

A: I support a fresh start away from the mess that is California. I have been involved in the State of Jefferson for years and any legislation will fail in the Assembly and Senate but that is no reason not to submit a bill. California formally rejecting increasing representation further establishes harm to sue California into submission. The Supreme Court interfered with our legislative apportionment in the 60s and every county should have an equal number of Senators and no Assembly district should cross county lines.

I’m the only candidate who will submit a bill for Article IV Section 3 State split regardless of legislative success. I am consistent in that promise and no other candidate can honestly make that claim.

Q: In what ways does immigration have an impact on District 1 communities, specifically those in Siskiyou County?

A: There’s nothing wrong with immigration. The problem is California is enticing foreigners to make illegal entry to inflate its numbers in the Census to further steal representation away from other States and to further consolidate our districts into the urban areas.

Our legislators represent U.S. citizens, not foreigners. Permanent resident aliens have the State Department and embassies for their grievances.

Counting illegal aliens is the biggest foreign interference in our government scandal possible.

Q: What is your take on water rights in the northstate, specifically related to water bottling and drink manufacturing companies? Do you believe that giving up control of some of our water would be worth it in terms of economic return?

Water Rights can be tricky since water is not static. If you want to sell your ground water and it causes my wells to go dry as your neighbor, you are encroaching on my Water Rights.

We can have it both ways. Let Nestle invest in building a dam so they can have all the water storage they need while producing hydroelectric power and not encroaching on the water rights of others.

There are simple solutions but California doesn’t want water storage anyways and Nestle using ground water simply uproots more people to move into the population centers.

More information

For more about Joseph Turner, visit his campaign website, or his Facebook page, Joseph Turner for Assembly District 1.