“They need to clean this up.”

Those were the comments on a recent Facebook posting showing an overflowing garbage can at the Hedge Creek Falls trailhead. It made me wonder why some people want “them” to fix problems, while other people pitch in and do their part.

My whole life I have been about “walk the talk” and “be the change you wish to see in the world.” The Hedge Creek comments are not unusual and there is the issue.

I have been a volunteer working with Mount Shasta Clean and Safe for three years now. I love the nearly instant gratification of helping make our little community a better place to live ... and yet I sometimes wrestle with feeling like I am actually enabling the problems I am trying to help mitigate.

Instead of thinking ‘Clean and Safe will take care of this,’ how would it be if we each did our part to help make our community a better place? Instead of walking over that trash in the street or in Sisson Meadow, maybe pick it up?

One of the biggest issues in our culture is the lack of personal responsibility and accountability. These situations are indicative of that mindset. Rather than asking or waiting for someone else to do it, I envision a community where everyone helps and posts pictures of their personal clean up activities on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CleanandSafeMtShasta

Yes, our organized group of retired people will still work with the Mount Shasta Police Department to clean up abandoned transient camps, and it would be great if others also worked to “be the change” and “walk the talk.”

Somebody ought to do something. Everybody can do something ... what will you do?

Todd Cory

Mount Shasta