Tourism provides a vital source of income for our local economy. Many dedicated volunteer organizations, businesses, citizens, and agencies work hard to organize beautification projects and amazing events to spark interest and provide a special atmosphere for visitors.

This dedication translates directly to local jobs and revenue to help revitalize and support our local businesses. Strategic land use planning is key to an aesthetically pleasing town, a necessary condition for strong tourism revenue.  

With this in mind, I oppose a proposal to build a mini-storage and car wash at the north entrance to Mt. Shasta. The north entrance is a gateway to our city, and the proposed project area (across from the city park) is currently a beautiful open space that provides a unique first impression to visitors. Spring Hill Trailhead is right next to the proposed site, and is both a popular trail for locals and an emerging tourist site, thanks to the inspiration (trail challenge) and hard work of the Mt. Shasta Trail Association and other volunteers. There is also a private residence that blends in well near the access to the trail.

While I fully support small businesses, finding a much more suitable location for storage units, wire fences, a car wash, and metal buildings is a challenge we can meet by working together. In addition, there are concerns that runoff from this project could affect water quality at nearby Mt. Shasta City Park.

You can read about the current project at  Written comments are important and can be sent by mail, email, or in person to the City of Mt. Shasta, or email to The deadline for comments is by 5:00 PM on July 26, 2019. 

Sandy Sullivan

Mount Shasta