I would like to congratulate the City of Mount Shasta for putting on a wonderful Fourth of July celebration. The bands, events, vendors and fireworks were remarkable and obviously enjoyed by many locals and visitors.

The only unpleasant incident we experienced was when we attempted to return to the RV park where we were staying on South Old Stage Road. After waiting for traffic to dissipate, I drove from the golf course, turning north on South Old Stage intending to return to our RV. As I started to slow for the stop sign on Ream Road, the law enforcement officer posted on the northeast side of the intersection immediately started screaming at me.

There were no vehicles behind me on South Old Stage. Another officer had the eastbound traffic stopped at Ream. I continued slowing to attempt to explain to him that we were staying at the RV park just down the road, but he would not allow me to speak. He continued to yell at me while waiving his flashlight in a violent manner. It was obvious that the had some anger control issues. After being thoroughly intimidated and blinded by his flash light, I drove off.

After going through town, we proceeded to the intersection at the Fish Hatchery. The road was also blocked off at that end. The very polite officer at that intersection told us that he could not allow us to turn left on South Old Stage, but that we could go to the intersection at Ream Avenue to gain access. We expressed our frustration regarding the volatile officer at that intersection.

Two years ago we enjoyed the fireworks at the golf course and stayed at the same RV park. At that time the officer posted at the intersection simply moved a red cone and allowed us to go to our RV so we did not anticipate an issue. I would suggest that prior to the Fourth, signs should be posted at each intersection advising of the road closure after the fireworks so visitors will be forewarned and can plan appropriately.

Thank you Mount Shasta for an otherwise marvelous and well organized celebration.

Christy Pine