“It has been a great honor to serve the citizens of Weed and a total of eight council members over the last eight and a half years,” Stock said.

After 39 years of public service, Weed’s City Manager Ron Stock has decided it’s time to retire. Stock, who has been the city’s top official since February 2012, will continue his duties until his last day on Feb. 1, 2020.

“It has been a great honor to serve the citizens of Weed and a total of eight council members over the last eight and a half years,” Stock said. “Together, we have rebuilt Weed from the devastation of the Boles Fire and continued to move Weed forward. The progress we’ve made has been remarkable.”

Stock said he’s given the question of retirement “a lot of thought lately, and although I truly enjoy the work I do every day for our residents and businesses, and appreciate working with talented employees in the organization and visionary leaders, I’ve come to the realization that I turned 69 this year and need to move on to the next chapter of my life.”

After his last day, Stock said he’ll take a three week trip to watch some spring training baseball. “But,” he emphasized, “I will continue to live in Weed. This is my home and I truly love this community.”

“I look forward to reading, writing and exploring what interests me,” he said. “I recognize that it takes time to adjust to retirement so I’ll explore possibilities in teaching, interim management opportunities, and traveling with my wife.”

Weed’s city council is expected to begin the search for a new city manager in the coming weeks and months. Stock said he timed his announcement so as to give the councilors ample time to find his replacement.

In Stock’s resignation latter to the council, he said he feels good about where the city is at the moment.

“We have successfully rebuilt the city after the fire, we modified our rules and regulations to ease the difficulty of rebuilding and restoring infrastructure,” he wrote. “We have completed the Resiliency Plan, the General Plan, and a Bike and Pedestrian Plan, all of which give us a blueprint for future growth We have maintained our efforts in economic development and successfully added Dollar General, Grocery Outlet, Starbucks and Love’s. At last count, we have obtained $38 million in grants in the last five years to rebuild out infrastructure.”

Stock said the city is “poised for success in a number of areas and it is a good time for a changing of the guard.”

Weed’s mayor Ken Palfini praised Stock’s service to Weed.

“Weed has benefitted enormously from Ron’s stable, competent leadership and organizational management expertise,” Palfini said. “His focus on fiscal responsibility and economic development has been exemplary and will lead to a stronger, more sustainable financial future for our city. I know I speak for the entire city council in thanking Ron for his outstanding service to the City of Weed and Siskiyou County.”

Stock served as a city manager in Florida and Colorado and a county manager in Minnesota prior to his appointment in Weed. He is a licensed attorney in Colorado, Hawaii and Minnesota and practiced municipal law for 20 years before entering the management field. He has served as an adjunct professor with Florida State University and the University of Phoenix. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Southwest Minnesota State University, a Juris Doctorate and a Master of Law Degree from the University of Denver College of Law.