I want to thank Patty Ballard-Faulkner, Kenna Edwards, Carolyn Glenn, Sharon Dalleske and all the other people I have watched work so diligently to put together the biggest and best 2019 Lumberjack Fiesta with its parade, contests and tournaments.

It is a shame that there are those that will complain about things that are out of these hard worker’s control instead of thanking them for all their time and efforts to make this festival such a success.

People, are you going to protest against others who wear a ball cap that is your rival team? Please, try to be more tolerant.

As the McCloud reporter, I surveyed many of children during the Lumberjack Fiesta and found that not one child (and I spoke with most of the high school kids as well) found anything in the three day festival, including the parade, less than enjoyable, offensive or off-putting. Not one kid felt offended of what other people wore or displayed in public, including the mostly naked Viking that was walking around.

My neighbor has graffitied his vehicles and though I may not agree with what he has done, I do believe in our freedom of speech.

Please people, don’t make a mountain out of everything you see. And if you truly feel the need to speak out, why not privately go to the offensive person in a polite manner and not make another public war out of it.

Do you need to make a stink about everything you see and maybe not agree with? And why do you think that it is someone else’s job to follow up on what you think?

I am hoping that this letter will help those think twice and evaluate whether or not this is the mountain they need to die on.

I love McCloud and all the people who live here. That doesn't mean that I have to agree with what everyone thinks or how they choose to live their lives or agree with what they believe in. I know that I, like many others, are not always on the same page. That is okay.

Will speaking out hurt my job or lose some friends? It is the chance I am willing to take (like every time I open my unfiltered mouth).

Shareen Strauss