I wish you would have printed in bold letters and put it at the top of the third paragraph of the July 10 vaping article what the effects of marijuana are.

I’m in my 80s, never have done drugs including marijuana, but in the 70s moved to a small town in the redwoods. Most of the people except for older merchants used pot, it’s not new!

A typical user, a friend Jane, spent her days dreaming of doing big things for the elderly and having ecology parades. Her boyfriend dreamed of saving the birds. Thankfully their kind landlord also owned a grocery and kept them from starving winters. On the highways, parents with small children, sad eyed, and some so thin their heads looked too big for their thin bodies, thanked me for a ride after a night sleeping under the trees.

I also met a wonderful woman named Alberta, a healer. Born in Belgium, she survived 10 years in a Nazi prison camp. People came from all over to be healed. Her message to all was “never use marijuana, it turns your aura gray” (destroys). I believed her, still do.

Non-medicinal pot seems to have great potential. I hope it can continue to be tested. The only problem is, people seem to confuse it with regular marijuana, which still damages body and brain.

If like tobacco, it becomes such a large money maker, it says in the encyclopedia in the 60s, the U.S. was largest producer of tobacco in the world with 986,000 tons produced a year. There were 526 billion cigarettes bought here a year ago, 20 million a day spent on cigarettes alone!

Is it any wonder scientists had an uphill battle to prove it destroys the body?

Will we go down that same road only with pot? Dr. Harch, keep telling the truth, something we’ve needed for over 40 years, with it now much stronger, symptoms just appear sooner.

Petrea Suana