I appreciate Todd Cory’s letter two weeks ago about helping with and being responsible for cleaning up trash sites. Unfortunately, there is a humongous trash glut happening in Canada, the U.S. and too many places throughout the world. I am very grateful that Canada has completely banned single use plastic this year and think the U.S. should follow their lead. Until that happens, all of us need to “pitch-in” as they say, to address this growing crisis.

After a week long 1,014 mile camping/road trip down the Klamath River, over to the coast and up to Lake Tahoe, I saw the unsightly mess of overflowing garbage cans and dumpsters in neighborhoods, campgrounds, grocery stores, resorts and anywhere there was a public trash bin. I thought there might have been a garbage strike going on while we were at Clear Lake until the trash was finally collected at one resort where we stayed. I saw a huge ancient TV set in a campground dumpster taking up most of the space with garbage packed in and overflowing all around it – sad.

When I asked relatives who were camping with their own large folding garbage can (even though the campground had plenty of dumpsters spaced nicely throughout the large park) why they didn’t recycle, they said “they didn’t have time.” I held my tongue, not wanting to disrupt the gathering though I can see that they just don’t grasp how serious this issue is.

We need to educate and inform ourselves better about the garbage issue as well as the climate crisis as we owe it to the next generation to be more responsible humans. Thank you!

Bill Moyers said that “the media needs to address the climate crisis like WWIII.”

With love for the planet and all relations,

Randy Bofinger

Mount Shasta