Announcements regarding a variety of topics – including the selection of a new city manager – were made at Dunsmuir's regular city council meeting on Aug. 1, which was attended by all council members but not many members of the public.

Announcements regarding a variety of topics – including the selection of a new city manager – were made at Dunsmuir’s regular city council meeting on Aug. 1, which was attended by all council members but not many members of the public.

Dunsmuir Rotary Club President Wendy Grochel announced that the club is installing recycling tubes for fishing line at the town’s parks along the river where people like to fish. She brought in an example of a tube with the Rotary Club logo on it to show the council, which they all approved as long the tubes are not attached to any structures.

Steve Bryan with the Siskiyou Community Resource Collaborative and chair of the Dunsmuir Community Care Team, along with Executive Director of the Dunsmuir Library Karen O’Quinn announced a special event celebrating Dunsmuir’s 110-year anniversary. They hope to identify the oldest living Dunsmuir resident and the resident that has lived in Dunsmuir the longest. They are accepting applications through Aug. 14. There will be a presentation and awards given. The contact number for the project (530) 235-4400.

The newly hired Dunsmuir City Manager is Todd Juhasz (pronounced “u-haas”). He will start Aug. 19. Pops Performing Arts Center will be the location for the business to business meeting for the new city manager during the first week of September.

Interim City Manager Johnsen said that the city has yet to meet with Clemens to work on green waste disposal in Dunsmuir. He also announced that one of the two cannabis cultivation businesses applying for permits have to correct a list of items from an inspection before being approved.

The third cannabis cultivator that applied has yet to be inspected.

A Steampunk Festival scheduled for Sept. 20-22 will be hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. People are invited to dress up in costumes from the Victorian era and mesh it with future styles.

The event will include vendors in the center of town. Closures were approved on Dunsmuir Ave. at Spruce and Cedar Streets as well as Pine Street at Sacramento Ave. and Shasta Ave.

Keisler announced that there will be another yard sale to help fund the Dunsmuir Pool season on Saturday, Aug. 17 at the Dunsmuir Rec Building.

The 1727 Train is under construction. It is a long process and not guaranteed to be finished this year. Due to liability, no one will be able to climb on the train car but visitors can touch it and take pictures of the train.

Arth announced that he has been designated as the lead on the funding issues regarding the city’s sewer and water system project. The city offered two proposals for funding: one is the intake system for the water supply and is to cost more than $1 million to replace hardware and put in an ultra violet system to kill chloroform. A second proposal is installing individual metering.

Lucchesi announced that she is working on grant funding for the Hazardous Mitigation Plan in reference to the wildfires; it doesn’t not cover homeowners or businesses to rebuild. She said people need to contact the small business administration or Homeowner Association to find out more about funding to rebuild after a wildfire.

HMP is for funding for city streets, bridges, and sewer, but it does not cover flooding. People need to get their own flood insurance. There is also funding for help with trimming trees for fire safe breaks around properties. People should check with their own insurance’s websites for details.

Community reports

Lynda Scheben, Chair of the Disaster Planning Advisory Committee said they’re working toward educating the public in creating defensible space and what their role is in identifying hazards in the community. They have brochures available at the City Hall.

Scheben said the committee is working with Fire Chief Dan Padilla on evacuation tips for an evacuation plan for the community. They are also working on improving the city’s audible evacuation alarm system to work even when the power goes out.

In addition, Scheben is working with Mike DellaBona on the green waste initiative at the city ball park. They are aiming to hold the first green waste disposal on Aug. 24 and they are in need of volunteers.

Lucchesi said that the airport committee met and the FAA grants are still viable. The city will reapply for them for improvements.

Deutch said they are looking into putting in a solar farm near the airport and that will bring in revenue.

The council voted in approval of adopting Resolution 2019-19 amending City of Dunsmuir Protocols. They updated a few typos.

New business

In new business there was an introduction of an ordinance amending the city’s Fats, Oils and Grease program requirements, better known as FOG.

Dunsmuir has experienced stoppages due in part to fats, oils and grease discharged into the system, requiring city staff response to restore it.

Updating the existing FOG ordinance was discussed, as well as creating a program to check businesses for compliance and hiring authority for inspections and enforcement. The first reading was approved by all.

There also was a presentation of initial recommendations from Public Works Supervisor for 2019-2020 Dunsmuir Sidewalk projects. One of the concerns is the growing deficit of Dunsmuir funds. The city is also waiting for the gas tax money.

A committee will discuss a budget and have the Public Works Supervisor and city manager to identify highest priority areas and make recommendation to the council.

Lastly, it was approved that Lucchesi execute a letter to Union Pacific Railroad requesting the parking lot on Sacramento Avenue be obtained by the City of Dunsmuir.