Residents of Dunsmuir, please speak your feelings about spending more money on the airport at the city council meetings at the beginning of each meeting in the public comment period.

Increased commercial usage of the airport is being proposed, developed and negotiated by the Airport Committee of the City of Dunsmuir. This is wrong. On this committee is one of the council members who frequently refers to how things are done in southern California and who never mentions the problem of increased airplane noise.

No one has mentioned the effect of airport noise in a narrow canyon on the residents of Dunsmuir. This is a narrow canyon; the buzzing of planes can already be heard. Other airports have in place a governing board so residents can report when pilots violate a noise ordinance, Dunsmuir cannot even afford a dog catcher.

The residents of Dunsmuir are already in the middle of Interstate 5 traffic noise as well as the frequent passing of trains, which is not a quiet affair, we don’t need more. When the Forest Service, CAL FIRE and emergency medical need the airport, it should be ready, but not for planned commercial use.

Federal loans and grants are being proposed and some already applied for. The Federal Aviation Association even has made a woman available to “help” the plans. This is just a plan to tie up our future into something that we cannot handle, and for 20 years.

The word “grant” is used but reference is made about a 20 year agreement. There is money involved and Dunsmuir cannot afford an airport. Our money is continually drained away by this airport which the county had given to us for some reason. Maybe they could not afford it either. Airport histories are:

1. Noise, neighbors complained and L.A. Airport used eminent domain to just move the neighborhoods out of the way; the area is now a ghost town.

2. South San Francisco planes are so loud that conversations stop.

3. San Jose expanded their airport and the noise was unbearable.

4. Santa Monica residents have been miserable for years for the planes flying in and out of that small airport.

Please communicate with the city council about this.

Ana Mulvaney