Please check out ‘The Daily Ledger’ (final thoughts) ... a two minute clip where Jerry Nadler leads the swearing in of witnesses by deleting “God” from the congressional proceedings. Sad, very sad.

This is what happens when someone like Nadler is given so-o-o much power. He is like a little Hitler, the small man syndrome. I am not saying all Democrats are bad people; however, one needs to be a little more responsible for one’s voting. Just like the four women of color are known as “The Squad.”

If the Democratic leadership would have jumped on this as soon as it happened, the problem would be non-existent. The Democrats that are normal working people who care about this nation need to look at their voting habits and replace these idiots with others who really care.

As it is right now, no matter what President Trump does, he will never be able to please the Democrats. I believe the president is trying his best to bring the nation back together if the democrats would get their heads out of their you know what and vote sensible.

Yes, our military fights for our freedom, but that doesn’t give these morons the right to riot and destroy private property. The only reason I can think of for wearing masks is so they can’t be identified and not be subjected to prosecution. President Trump is the only one who has kept most of his promises to the American people re: draining the swamp. I read where about a dozen FBI personnel were involved with some illegal activity; however, only four were singled out to be dealt with. The president should reconsider and fire the whole lot and replace them with professional personnel.

If something positive isn’t done soon, I can see another Civil War and that ... we don’t need. One other thing that is driving this country downhill ... seems like every time there is a mass shooting the Democrats immediately make a political issue out of it and blame the president. No wonder this country is headed downhill.

Tom Larson