There are a couple of people who deserve to singled-out for credit for their efforts to change local politics. When the efforts of just a couple of activists can have such an impact on our entire community, they should be acknowledged. This is especially true when the work they do results in multiple millions of dollars in impact to the taxpayers.

In September of 2013 the County Board of Supervisors, at the urging of the proponents of the break-away State of Jefferson, took positive action in support of the secession. Two of the primary people lobbying for the establishment of a theocratic State had their names removed by the editor. Go to Our Revolution Siskiyou for the truth. This cooperative operation on the part of the far-right wing secessionists and our elected County government resulted in our Board of Supervisors filing a politically motivated lawsuit against the State of California.

Every step of the way, the County’s very expensive lawyers lost their case. On every appeal, the higher courts said essentially, “You must be kidding.” Last month our elected Board of Supervisors acknowledged their cause was lost and agreed to compensate all the people who had been forced to fight their foolishness in addition to paying the expensive lawyers that the Board had hired. Our County Board of Supervisors just flushed $2,400,000 down the toilet.

That’s 2.4 million dollars that came out of our pockets because a bunch of hair-on-fire right wingers decided to sue the fifth largest economy on the planet. The two people named have expended tremendous effort to prevail in this cause which has cost every man, woman and child in the County about fifty bucks if they pay taxes. That is deplorable.

Perry Sims

Mount Shasta