I was very disappointed to learn that Pacific Forest Trust, whose forest conservation mission I so dearly want to support, is partnering with Crystal Geyser on the Springs of Life Project. It is hard to fathom why Pacific Forest Trust would allow itself to be used as a tool for greenwashing the unfortunate environmental practices of Crystal Geyser, a corporation that manipulates, divides and undermines communities as it extracts their water supply for profit.

In addition to its harmful watershed depleting practices, Crystal Geyser has no qualms whatsoever about putting said water into millions of petroleum-based single use plastic bottles, thereby contributing to the catastrophic and growing land, air and water pollution crises we are witnessing around the globe.

In order to open its plant in Mt. Shasta City, currently being litigated, Crystal Geyser has been actively working to divide and manipulate our local community with promises of economic opportunity, a familiar tactic, pitching neighbors concerned about environmental impacts against those who believe the community needs the money, while at the same time disregarding the harmful effects of this water extraction. The reality is that the entire community will suffer the consequences of degraded air quality, potential well water issues, and diminished quality of life due to the hundreds of loud, smog producing delivery trucks rumbling through the area on a daily basis. By partnering with Crystal Geyser, Pacific Forest Trust is granting its own unwitting, de facto endorsement, and a “pass” for these deleterious practices and impacts.

Pacific Forest Trust should not be partnering with greedy, profit driven corporations such as Crystal Geyser, that are engaged in manipulating communities in order to extract locally needed water resources.

Crystal Geyser’s divisive tactics and harmful practices are very dangerous to both our community, and our beloved forests.

Nina Hyatt