The article in last week’s Herald, “After a decade of fight, county admits defeat” does not indicate who wrote this piece of political spin. I was told it was a Siskiyou County Press Release.

The county has wasted taxpayer’s money in many ill-advised court cases over the years. Recently, they announced that in passing the latest county budget they were $1.66 in the black. This is likely because they bring cases, like trying to stop the removal of local dams that are ready to be decommissioned. How much of the taxpayers’ money is wasted like this each year?

If they would join the rest of us in the 21st century and protect our water and other vital resources instead of selling them, it would be wise. The Environmental Law Foundation helped the people of Scott Valley and set important precedent with the Public Trust Doctrine. This ruling protects all of us, including homeowners from over extraction of groundwater that flows into navigable waters like streams, creeks and rivers. It will not increase “future environmental litigation for local agencies” if those agencies protect the public, communities and our water but often Siskiyou County sides with corporations or ‘friends’ of the County.

Sadly, ordinary citizens have to get outside help, often raising funds inside the community to protect ourselves from our County's “hidden agenda” of resource extraction, support of deregulation of environmental protection and general malaise. Don’t be fooled by the claim of “metropolitan lawyers” taking our funds. The County does a great job of that all on their own.

I hope they soon realize that what we have to offer to the world is our area itself! Clean air, water and healthy forests are why people come to visit. Protecting these resources for future generations is worth doing.

Raven Stevens

Mount Shasta