Nearly one year ago, I wrote two letters to Congressman LaMalfa asking for his positions on a couple of national issues. I have never received any answer from his office, not even the customary form letter.

I have received annual Christmas cards from him – including the card of the family photo in front of a Christmas tree decorated with hubcaps. I would prefer, however, that my congressional representative engage in substantive communications.

For the years that I was on Mount Shasta City Council, I tried to work with Congressman LaMalfa and his office to benefit Siskiyou County communities. My efforts were futile. Congressman LaMalfa seemed disinterested in meeting with Siskiyou County mayors, council members, and city staff, in hearing about our issues and in offering possible solutions. Even his representative only rarely attended Siskiyou County League of Local Agencies meetings.

When California was suffering from a drought, I hosted Congressman LaMalfa at the Annual Awards Ceremony of the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce. I asked him how the drought was affecting farmers and ranchers. He replied that his farms had long-standing water rights and that his farms would receive 100% of their water. He neither mentioned, nor expressed concern for, the plight of others farmers and ranchers. He remained at the awards ceremony just long enough for a photo-op and then he left the ceremony – despite his having no other engagements that evening.

I have sadly come to the conclusion that Congressman LaMalfa is more interested in service to himself over service to the people of his district. In my opinion, it is time to replace him with someone who puts service to others above service to self.

Tim Stearns

Mount Shasta