I am writing regarding the Freeze Mini-Storage and Car Wash Project across from City Park and adjacent to the Spring Hill Trail on Ski Village Drive on Spring Hill.

We all want the same things (in no particular order):

To reflect, protect, and preserve the austere beauty of Mount Shasta, our natural resources, and the surrounding forests .

Live in nice neighborhoods and homes that are appealing without needlessly disturbing the surrounding natural beauty.

Be healthy and happy and to thrive.

Be forward thinking and courageous in our choices for the future.

For our businesses and our residents to thrive and prosper.

Provide opportunities that translate to real careers that will support all who live here now and for future generations.

Provide the best possible experience for our visitors; lodging, entertainment, trails, food, and fun activities.

We, and those who visit expect a certain experience in Mount Shasta. We expect to be awed.

Does a Mini-Storage and Car Wash development across from the pristine headwaters and City Park at the entrance of town provide any of this?

Does it exist only because it would potentially provide prosperity for one person while spoiling the natural beauty of Spring Hill and possibly endangering the ecosystem of the area?

Does it provide prosperity or a solid career or life-path for residents of Mount Shasta?

I would like the city and the planning department and potential business owners to know and understand who we are and what we expect. We expect city government and potential business owners to protect our resources, to protect the people and wildlife, preserve the natural beauty, create opportunities and potential for prosperity, see the larger picture of our present and our future, make wise decisions. To care.

Residents of Mt. Shasta and surrounding areas, let the City Planning Department know what you would like to see in Mt. Shasta. Please submit comments by Wednesday Aug. 28 at 5 p.m. Email is accepted.

Comments may be submitted to jlucchesi@mtshastaca.gov Juliana Lucchesi, City Planner, City of Mt. Shasta Planning Commission 305 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd. Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Tara Gardner

Mount Shasta