The Lake Shastina Community Services District discussed and approved monies to be spent to upgrade the green waste burn site at its meeting last Wednesday.

The Lake Shastina Community Services District discussed and approved monies to be spent to upgrade the green waste burn site at its meeting last Wednesday.

The site has been closed due to a recent unattended fire, which is still under investigation. The board approved reopening the site when the burn ban ends during their special meeting on Aug. 6.

The cost to construct two containment areas was determined to be $8,600, which would be re-paid to the General Fund over approximately two years, reported General Manager Robert Moser.

“We are still anticipating running the site for 12 weekends,” Moser said. “However weather and any other unforeseen events may change this number.”

“This is something we should do for the community,” said Director Norman MacIntosh. “This will help keep the community safer.”

Instead of taking yard waste to the dump, some Lake Shastina residents have been storing it in trailers, Director Carol Cupp said.

The vote was 5-0 to approve remodeling the burn site to include the containment areas.

After some discussion, the board voted to include the Police Department in the CalPERS retirement system. This was approved 4-0 with Director Stan Beck abstaining.

Beck believed the board did not have the information needed to make a decision and wanted a workshop prior to a decision to be more informed and to discuss other options.

Director Rick Thompson said he had done his own research and said another plan, called PARS, would have been “prohibitive.”

The board also adopted the Siskiyou County Local Hazard Mitigation Plan by the vote of 5-0.

The plan must be adopted by the county and all jurisdictions within the county “as a condition for future funding for mitigation projects” with FEMA, according to the resolution.

“This will set in motion a timeline for the rest of the county’s jurisdictions to adopt the Plan,” said Senior Accounting Clerk Debbie Nelle. “The LSCSD is the first jurisdiction in the county to adopt the Hazard Mitigation Plan.”

The board voted 5-0 to accept a Lake Shastina Fire Department grant from the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program for $6,815 with a LSCSD match of $6,815.

Department reports

Fire Chief Steve Pappas said the LSFD responded to 30 calls in July. Four were wildland fire, 12 medical aid, one locomotive fire, one vehicle fire, one hazardous material (electrical hazard), six public assists, and five traffic collisions.

The LSFD was recently awarded two grants. The Volunteer Fire Assistance grant was a 50 percent match grant for $6,815. The other grant, from CSFA, will provide six sets of structure firefighting gear.

The department was called to two fires that have been reimbursable, Pappas said, one of which was on Indian Island. The structure fire was on Corey Road, near Jackson Ranch Road.

Acting Chief of Police Will Bullington reported the LSPD had 173 calls for service in July. Among them were four misdemeanor arrests, seven traffic warnings, and two traffic citations. Twenty-eight calls were animal related.

Public Works Supervisor Robert Moser reported that Rodney Villa has been promoted to Leadman for the Public Works Department. Villa has also recently become a certified Grade 1 Operator for the Wastewater Plant and is now designated LSCSD operator.

A short was found at sewer station B-106 that caused a malfunction in the station’s controls. The short was fixed and the station is running well.

At the B-114 station, the pump had tipped, Moser reported, causing some irregular pumping at the station.

“We corrected the problem,” Moser reported. “It seems to be running fine right now.”

A back up pump was returned from the repair shop in case of further issues, he reported.

Moser reported for the water department that Well #9 had “received a complete renovation and should be running on the SCADA system soon.”

“It’s pretty much brand new,” he added.

Other work on the water system included repairing a few fire hydrants, repairing and adding irrigation at the administration grounds, and working on the irrigation and landscaping at the medical clinic building.

When asked about Well #10, Moser said they are waiting for a water planning grant to finish work with that well and to “do more test wells.”

There was nothing to report from the closed session or from any of the committees.

The next regular LSCSD meeting will be held Wednesday, Sept. 18.