The concern for the bees, butterflies and birds dying is very simple. The chem trails, which emit nano particles of metal into the atmosphere, and all of the 4G and 5G EMF waves, along with cell towers are the cause. Fifty nano particles fit on a red blood cell. They are now putting the metals that used to be sprayed by the jets into the gas. As well as HAARP which emits EMF waves. Look up “HAARP clouds.”

4G is bad, 5G is very bad for our health as well as the health of animals, birds, insects, plants, trees and children. It is called technocracy. There have been absolutely no tests by the FCC to see if it is harmful. Way back in the 1930s it was discovered that it was harmful by people who did not invent this technology. Yet our government thinks it is grand, as well as the United Nations.

Patrick Woods, Devra Lee Davis PhD, MPH, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Martin Pall PhD, say 5G damages the DNA, causes tumors in the heart and brain, cancer, loss of hearing. It is like radiation, so it can cause thyroid problems. It also heats up your tissue cells and does biological harm to bees, butterflies (monarch) and some birds, as said above. Martin Pall says 5G produces more terpine in plants and trees making them more flammable. He mentioned the forest fires. Smart meters are also flammable. Martin Pall also said that the EMF waves can affect the five following things, especially 5G:

1. Reproductive issues.

2. If child exposed in utero can have autism/ADHA.

3. Cause early onset Alzheimers/dementia.

4. DNA disturbance.

5. Neuropsychiatric disturbances.

Devra lee Davis has written a book called, “Disconnect.” Patrick Woods says that honest doctors and scientists say even 2G and 3G were harmful. Just remember that the United Nations wants to get rid of 90 percent of the population and must have everything “sustainable!”

There are some nations and cities that will not allow 5G. The technocrats are pushing it, Brzezinski, Rockefellers, all of the Trilaterals, there are 390 members from Japan, Western Europe and North America. They are also pushing socialism and democracy. We are a republic! All these things are all tied together.

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and a bunch of others are pushing this dangerous situation upon us, as well as the stock market, because it will make money! We will have twice the cell towers!

Nita Still