The astonishing and articulate Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg has created a global movement of massive proportions since she began protesting by herself in front of the Swedish parliament urging her country’s lawmakers to take emergency action to address the climate crisis.

Last Friday, four million children and previously children marched in 150 countries around the world demonstrating a massive movement to address climate change. Many in Mt Shasta are on the same wavelength and marched with Greta and the world that day.

Greta’s public speeches and appearances before media and government panels are cutting to the bone about our climate problem and telling us exactly what we need to do about it. I am seventy years old, and this intelligent youngster has inspired me to rethink air travel – not easy for someone who loves to fly! I had already begun to rethink ground travel and decided to purchase a Tesla for long trips to help keep oil in the ground.

Too many American politicians have been in denial about the science and about our national contribution to climate change for too long, and the media has been negligent as well. Bill Moyers recently told a group of journalists that the networks and cable channels do very little reporting on global climate issues because it is bad for ratings and asked them “what if we covered the climate crisis like we did the start of the second world war?”

People forget too quickly that the destructive climate-induced firestorms, hurricanes, and other emergencies are happening at increasingly alarming rates around the world as well as here in the U.S.

Listen to the youth and take personal and collective action to address this global crisis to protect our future. Thank you.

Randy Bofinger

Mount Shasta