I would like to make Siskiyou County residents aware of the new public access television studio located in the Alvarado Street Building in Weed: SMC/MCTV15/YCTV 4, 616 S. Weed Blvd. Suite C, Weed, CA, 96097. (530) 918-8411.

I would like to encourage you, the public, to speak out, to sing out to act out or host a show where you create a dialogue to educate or entertain your friends and neighbors or someone homebound that has public access television free on cable.

Please come by the studio on a Friday afternoon to see space for recording or find out about borrowing a camera from our lending library (a few lessons to learn how to get “sound on site”) to create your own narrative on location.

If you’re already experimenting with YouTube or iMovie on your iPad or cell phone you may already have content to digitally fill up to 28 minutes or 58 minutes within half hour intervals.

All submissions will be considered for streaming on SMC web, cable channel 15 in Mount Shasta or Channel 4 in Yreka.

Allowable submissions will be played/viewed once or may be used more often for local content between local city council meetings, local city planning meetings or Siskiyou County Supervisors meetings.

Someone could capture images or video of CAL FIRE or Forest Service meetings during seasonal fires for a local news update.

This is the beginning ... please get involved or communicate your interest in programming what you would like to see.

I have submitted to the SMC Board that I would like to see “world news.” I had suggested that the stations play “Democracy Now” every day, as we need to know what is happening around the world that affects our food sources and our livelihood.

Please, whatever you’re interested in, contact the SMC Board of Directors at the address and phone number above.

Therese Swenson

Mount Shasta