Megan Dahle is running for the State Assembly seat in District One against Elizabeth Betancourt. Ballots will be coming out soon. Before making your choice, it may be helpful to know where her funding is coming from.

Mrs. Dahle has received campaign contributions from Big Oil (Chevron, Phillips 66), Big Pharma (Eli Lilly, Pharmaceutical Research PAC), the Tobacco Industry (Phillip Morris), Monsanto (Makers of Round Up ready and genetically modified corn), the auto industry (Ford Motor Company), and the Health Insurance Industry (Health Net). She received one of her largest contributions from the Correctional Officer PAC. This group lobbies for longer prison sentences and is supported by the private prison industry.

Most of her contributions came from outside the district, and many from out of state. If you are hoping to reduce greenhouse gases and a transition to renewable energy, will she represent you, or will she represent the oil companies and the auto industry? If you are hoping for affordable prescription drugs, will she represent you or the pharmaceutical companies? Do you want to see an increase in mass incarceration, private prisons and migrant detention centers in our rural district? If you would like to see her other donors, go to Vote for Elizabeth Betancourt. She is not accepting corporate contributions.

Kate Coggin

Mount Shasta