I voted for Brian Dahle, who is now in the State Senate. There are three reasons why I will not be voting for his wife, Meghan Dahle, for Assembly.

First, Brian and Meghan live in Bieber, in Lassen County.

Bieber is a tiny town of barely more than 300 people - about four times smaller than Happy Camp, California and more than 20 times smaller than Yreka. It is smaller than almost any city in Assembly District 1.

Assembly District 1 consists of about 500,000 people living in 9 counties, running from the Oregon border to Lake Tahoe. I do not think having two people from Bieber is the best choice to represent all of the people from Yreka, Redding, Corning, Susanville, Quincy, Downieville, Truckee, Grass Valley, and the many other communities of Assembly District 1.

Second, in her current campaign, Meghan Dahle has accepted several large “donations” from herbicide-maker Monsanto, Philip Morris USA, Big Pharma, telecommunications giant Comcast, and the Florida-based GEO Group, one of the nation's largest for-profit prison operators. While others may disagree, I think such corporations make such “donations” as investments to later buy influence with a legislator. That does not bode well for the rest of us! I want a representative who is beholden to her voting constituents, not to lobbyists and corporate PACs.

Third, Brian Dahle complained to me that he had no power in Sacramento because he was not a member of the majority party. I want at least one of our two representatives in Sacramento to be listened to by the majority party, and be able to get legislation passed that will benefit our District. Why not “hedge” our bets by having one representative of each party in the California Legislature?

For the reasons stated, I will be voting for Elizabeth Betancourt.

Tim Stearns

Mount Shasta