While investigation continues into the shooting deaths of two women near Dorris, the women today were publically identified as Rosey Vang, 49 of Wisconsin and Mor Hange, 81, who recently moved to Hilltop Road, northwest of Dorris from Wisconsin.

Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said both victims are of Laotian descent and a Siskiyou County deputy who speaks the Hmong language has been helpful in the investigation.

Lopey said there was an illegal cultivation site near where the women were found, one already dead inside a structure and the other who succumbed to her injuries despite “a heroic effort to save her.”

Authorities were called to the scene just after 2 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 14, on a report of what may have been a robbery, the Sheriff’s Office reported in a press release.

“The crop had recently been harvested, but we have no idea if that is related to this double homicide,” Lopey said.

While no arrests have been made, Lopey said progress is being made in the investigation.

He called the situation a “deliberate and callous attack, adding there is “ a good chance someone heard something or saw something that could be useful to investigators working this case.”

An autopsy will be conducted this week to help detectives confirm the causes and manners of death.