Mountains covered in healthy conifer forests are a very deep, dark green; ‘forest green’ is how we often identify this color. Look to the east or the west, folks, as you drive the I-5 corridor through Shasta. Our forests are a sappy, more yellow-y shade of green, far too light to be healthy. Our trees are dying. Their stomata are shut down and the trees are not respiring due to the high levels of toxins in the air.

Simultaneously, their roots are not up-taking nutrients from high pH (alkaline) soils filled with metals. Most of what looks green right now will be flashed-out dead in 18 months. This is not my opinion. This is a statistical fact.

Where are such heavy particulate air pollution and these toxins in the soil coming from, you ask? We are not near much industry here. Our air is filled with nano particulates from many anthropogenic sources, but most of all from SRM (solar

radiation management) geoengineering programs, as evidenced by the white, spreading trails that criss-cross our skies on many days. SRM and SAG-SRM are classified military programs. NOAA employees and meteorologist are aware of these programs, but do not have first amendment protection to speak about them.

They are, in fact, under an illegal Federal gag order.

These toxic particulates fall out via precipitation into our soil. Tests have revealed high levels of aluminum, strontium, barium, plastic polymers, surfactants, and ice-nucleating chemicals in our air, water, snow and soil. Geoengineering is why we get snow at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, golf ball sized hail and temperature swings of 30 degrees from one day to the next in Northern California. These weather events defy the laws of physics. Does not anyone realize this is in no way natural weather?

Public information reveals 32 states have climate engineering legislation on the books. Most of us are aware of ‘cloud seeding’ and hurricane modification (Project Cirrus) but fail to connect the dots and recognize the on-going global reality of weather modification that has been going on for decades, right in front of our eyes, right above our heads.

It is time to wake up, people, before everything is dead. We are on the path to omnicide. Climate engineering and the resultant climate collapse are the most urgent issues we face today short of nuclear cataclysm. Wake up! Look up! And by all means do not eat the snow. For more information on geoengineering and solar radiation management, visit

Shannon Noorzad

Mount Shasta