President Trump has made another impulsive decision that will hurt the US. Last week Trump abruptly withdrew US forces from northeast Syria. The US has been fighting ISIS in Syria to prevent ISIS from forming an ISIS state in Syria.

The US has two main allies to help fight ISIS in northeast Syria, the Kurds and Turkey. The Kurds have been staunch allies of the US from World War 2 through the Iraq Invasion to the present Syrian war. The Kurds unfortunately are long-term bitter enemies of Turkey. Turkey has a much larger population and stronger military than the Kurds.

Trump made an impulsive decision to throw the Kurds under the bus without consulting either his military or diplomatic advisors. Trump’s decision will allow the slaughter of the Kurds.

Criticism of this impulsive decision has been strong and widespread. Lindsey Graham describes the decision as “a disaster in the making. ”Mitch McConnell said “America is best served by American leadership, not by retreat or withdrawal.” Liz Cheney described it as “ a catastrophic mistake.” Bernie Sanders said, “What ally would look at the United States and see a stalwart partner?” Israel’s Netanyahu is a strong supporter of the Kurds.

We need to impeach Trump before he makes another impulsive incompetent mistake.

Neil Posson

Mount Shasta