The trumpet sounds and the trumpeteers’ loyal followers listen attentively as it spews forth its lies and falsehoods. Then the trumpeteer performs another of its outrageous acts, lowering the bar of decency and morality another notch. Its followers again accept it. After all, good leadership requires a never apologize, never say I’m wrong, forge ahead regardless attitude, right? Its power increases as it trashes the constitution and elevates itself to the level of supreme authority without restriction. Opposition arises, but few speak for fear of reprisal. The few that do get overcome by the increased volume of noise and lies form the trumpet blast and its “double down” attitude. When is enough, enough?

How long will it be before we realize the hate and dissension that is being created by our acceptance of lowering our standards for political office is splintering our nation and the world? Isn’t it time we turn a deaf ear to the blast of the trumpet and raise the bar to a level that we as a nation can again hold our heads high and say in God we trust?

But don’t believe that God is magically going to bail us out of this mess. You have a choice. That is why free will exists, so we can take part in creating our future. What will our children inherit? It’s up to you!

George Kraemer

Mount Shasta