Thanks to all our volunteers, the Democratic Central Committee and especially all our attendees and those who donated to making our Democratic fundraiser a very big success. With over 250 attending (exceeding past totals by more than 25 percent), 31 desserts and auction items donated we raised more funds than ever before!

The positive energy was enormous for our two speakers, Elizabeth Betancourt and Audrey Denney. Each inspired the room with rousing speeches focused both on local and on national issues. Elizabeth stresses the importance of a Democratic assemblywoman in a predominantly California assembly as having much better success at bringing home state funds to our rural area than our previous Republican assemblyman or his aspiring wife. Audrey stressed public service and strengthening our local communities, sorely lacking in the current congressman’s agenda.

Both our Democratic candidates are women of high integrity, vast experience, and wide ranging expertise to serve our Northstate rural counties well. Vote Betancourt in the special election on Nov. 5 and Vote Betancourt and Denney in the spring at the statewide primary prior to the critical November 2020 election!

Carolyn Miller

Mount Shasta