Submitted by Rex Cozzalio, Hornbrook

Paid with money taken from you, hired to say anything bringing irreversible destruction, Mr. Cox forgets in his recent letter, the closer to the center of “dam” reality, the harder repetitive brainwashing becomes. Generations vested at the so called ‘focal point’ of dams impacts, before and after, not 180 miles downstream or in a distant boardroom, are more directly experienced with those project environmental realities and realize the most profound consequences of its destruction. Held unaccountable for selective “assurances” and consequences, like the KHSA/KRRC special interests he represents, Mr. Cox manipulates platitudes without concern.

His minimized “2% of power” lost is enough for 70,000 homes, is the cheapest power produced, significantly contributes to renewable portfolio, is integral to regional infrastructure security/reliability, are exceptionally well built and paid for, certified as completely safe, touted costly renewable “replacement” power doesn’t yet exist, and the now seen less predictable imported power involves more expensive fossil fuels. If current data, studies, and alternatives are implemented challenging special interest agenda limited assumptions fabricated over 13 years ago, known enhancements to existing environmental Project improvements are available at a fraction of escalating destruction costs.

His “extremely minor flood protection’ is ludicrous when those experiencing pre Iron Gate area flooding virtually every year are still alive, and the Water Resources” hydrologist at an EIS scoping presentation acknowledged their flawed ‘state of the art modeling’ study does not include the area factors drastically increasing local infrastructure/property/safety/environmental damages. All river adjacent owner property use/value/infrastructure are acknowledged forever impacted at least from Keno to Seiad, but KRRC remains silent. Even for that flawed study’s “few dozen” (36) homes KRRC acknowledges, they still insufficiently address lost property use, value, and safety within almost laughable “mitigations.” Obviously they are not owned by Mr. Cox.

As for “no irrigation” storage, Siskiyou County’s right under the Klamath Compact to 60,000 acre feet of potential irrigation water use, a right integral to a plan which could drastically further improve downstream water quality and enhance both agriculture and Shasta River environmental benefit, disappears with storage destruction. In addition, the Project provides current agricultural storage benefits directly to the Upper Basin in the form of demanded “pulse flows,” repeatedly using stored water from the targeted lakes to fulfill those mandates. Based on recent failed experiments, even special interest biologists now declare they will likely have to increase demanded pulses after dams’ destruction. At that point, all pulse waters will be taken directly from Upper Basin agricultural allocations.

Even though water was historically known to go subsurface in areas late summer within the pre-Project river reach, Mr. Cox is correct that Bureau of Reclamation will use significantly reduced manmade stored water to fulfill continuing unnatural late summer mandated flows, thereby impinging all other existing beneficial uses.

His historically and now study-contradicted ‘expected’ increased fish, habitat, and tourism harkens back to now proven lies from spotted owl forest shutdowns in the 80s, which we also lived, the failed and unaccountable promises of which we are breathing today, the same special interests still profiting from regional assault. His fantasy also forgets acknowledged countless species and habitats devastated upon project destruction, including endangered fish, to “restore” habitat historically and now empirically demonstrated never existed. Nor does he mention irreplaceable fully accessible unique existing recreational benefits of “manmade” world class whitewater rafting, exceptional protected redband trout fisheries, and the only large deep water lakes in the entire Klamath created and maintained by the project that will be destroyed with the dams.

As to algae, Gibbs documented Klamath originated green water, diseased and dying salmon, stinking conditions, and frequently blocked estuary stated by tribes as typical on the lower river before settlor impacts. The deep water lakes currently provide the only known significant reduction of naturally occurring Upper Basin water high nutrient levels, nutrients effectively delayed and sequestered within the lakes from delivery downstream during the most vulnerable time of year. Current data already reveal instances of potentially more dangerous higher microcystis outbreaks 140 miles downstream than exist below Iron Gate, and their own “modeling” biologists acknowledge instream algae may significantly worsen due to increased nutrient laden water delivered downstream at the worst time of greatest potential harm.

Apparently none of this matters to them. Special interests intend destruction to occur regardless of consequence, as long as FERC accepts KHSA/KRRC demands to be held unaccountable for those damages. For FERC to allow imposition of regional destruction, a full EIS including current information and alternatives should be required BEFORE any license transfer, and special interest KHSA/KRRC signatories, individually and jointly, must agree to be held accountable for fully mitigating all incurred damages and losses, known and unknown, without intervening or limiting obstructions, no less than would be required of you or I.

Please send FERC your opposition.