Thanks to Valerie Lashbaugh for her letter regarding the outrageous price increase the City of Mt. Shasta wants us to pay to have a garbage can emptied. The city proposal will increase by $42 each year for the next three years beginning January 1st, 2020. This will be a 75% increase from the current $168. per year to $294 in 2022.

Burney Disposal was selected over a year ago as a franchise contractor so the city could save money and decrease responsibility for garbage collection. Apparently, the franchise agreement means Burney Disposal sets the rates, dictates how service will be provided, and takes care of customer complaints. The city however continues to collect the money. This seems like a sweet deal for both of them, but as a property owner I’m going to pay more while they both profit. Also, why do I suddenly need three garbage cans to deal with, when I’ve gotten along just fine for forty years with just one?

I want to urge every property owner to submit the required notice to the city that you are against this ill conceived proposition. Monday, November 25 is the last day that the city will accept protest letters. They must be at city hall before they close.

A meeting at the city park is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. to count ballots. I’m sure city officials will be there to yield questions about this fiasco, but why? Such a meeting should have taken place months ago so voters could ask questions beforehand. It you don’t protest in writing before the meeting it will be too late! Say no now.

Richard Ulbrich

Mount Shasta