Living the American Dream! This is something all of us strive for. But how many of us prepare for our quest?

There are several things that should be done while young that would make the quest easier and more worthwhile. Before starting, you should define and learn everything you can about your objective. Stay in school and learn all that you can in as many subjects that you can. Everything you learn will benefit you your entire life in one form or another. But being smart or intelligent is only part of the process. One also needs to gain wisdom for it will show you how to better use your intelligence.

Without wisdom, we too often make wrong decisions and end up never achieving our goal. Wisdom can be derived from literature or talks with wise people who have achieved their goal. It can also be learned from the school of hard knocks. Ask questions, learn how to analyze situations, learn to think critically, get more than one opinion about a problem, and then solve it.

Another important part of this is physical health. The majority of those who failed to reach their goal did so because they didn’t take care of themselves. Your health is a major part of being a success at achieving your life’s goal. Stay away from illegal drugs. Don’t drink alcohol to excess, and don’t smoke. Eat healthy foods and watch your weight. Your body is where you and your brain reside. An abused body will not protect you or your brain.

Another part of this is trusting your friends, family and having faith in them and in God. Knowing God can make all this much easier for you to do. With God, all things are possible. All you need to do is give him a chance and believe.

James Lowder