Albert Einstein taught me something unexpected. He said that as he went through his day, he gave thanks to the millions of people who made his life possible.

“What millions?” I asked myself. There’s Jan at the PO, Amy at the library, Norm at Ace, etc. But I began thinking. If I’m heating up a piece of cherry pie I bought at Ray’s – oops – how did I get to Ray’s? Car designers and makers, fuel and repair, the roads so many labor to build and maintain. What’s gone into my pie? Cherries, flour, sugar –each ingredient comes from a different source, all the work of many people. The pie pan, the packaging, the dish to place it on, the oven to heat it, the store people who sold it, the people who built and furnished the store, the store workers, the trucks that carried everything from one place to the other, the truck builders and drivers, the miners of the ore from which all machinery is made – and so on and so forth into infinity. And what those who built my good warm home, all it includes and all inside, where I enjoy my delicious pie? And this does not include the ancestors of every person involved, back through time. What about the air we breathe, the earth we walk upon, the plants giving us food and oxygen, our faithful earth mother, our life-giving sun? How abut our bodies, with its six trillion transactions per second: who does all that? What about God (or the All-That-Is) from whom all blessings – of all life – come?

So it isn’t just millions, it is billions of people and other beings who support our each and every day. Taking a moment to silently thank them all, and the divinity from which they come, is a blessing to each of us.

Joanna Cherry

Mount Shasta