The Siskiyou Opportunity Center, located in Mount Shasta, is one of the long-term success stories for non-profits in our county.

Most of us regularly use their recycling center, and see their workshop products: picnic tables and benches, planter boxes, cedar fending, firewood, and much more. We also see their work crews maintaining Caltrans rest areas and the Mt. Shasta City plaza.

Most importantly, the Opportunity Center provides a chance for persons with developmental and other disabilities to learn job skills, obtain an earned income, improve their social skills, and acquire self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s been an honor and privilege for me to serve on the Opportunity Center board the last five years. I absolutely love the clients, and the dedicated and generous staff.

It’s a symptom and irony of our culture that the most socially conscious and beneficial institutions and programs are the first to suffer from cuts, and the Opportunity Center is no exception.

Kindly consider a donation to the Siskiyou Opportunity Center on Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 3, You can pre-schedule your donation now at: Type in: Siskiyou Opportunity Center in the “find your cause” entry.

Best holiday blessings and cheers.

Michael Zanger

Mount Shasta