The Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum Christmas garage/bake sale was a great success – thanks to all the volunteers, donors, and shoppers who supported the event. Those attending found delicious baked goods and terrific bargains on holiday decorations and gifts.

The many volunteers who worked at the sale are appreciated.

Set-up and clean-up crews: Berta and Jeff Hawkins, Carol and Darryl Ross, Ted Marconi, Jim McChesney, Mike Della Bona, Nancy and Jerry Harmon, Pat Graham, Dave Barnett, Laura Franklin, Marjie Wilde, Beverly Haman, Yvonne Waite, Trudy Merkle, Cindy and Richard Miller, Anna Lee Padula, Lynn Bunton, Vicki Melo, Kathy Jones, Wanda Welbourn, Carolyn Briody, Julie Cassidy, Liz Stiles, Nancy Gandrau, Darlene Daudell, Angie Toreson, Sabine Kent, William Caraway, and Jean Nels, Museum Director.

Shift workers: Berta Hawkins, Laura Franklin, Yvonne Waite, Trudy Merkle, Carolyn Briody, Marjie Wilde, Anna Lee Padula, Wanda Welbourn, Sue Spence, Nancy Harmon, Kathy Jones, Laura Hagedon, Angie Toreson, Nancy Gandreau, Julie Cassidy, Karen Copsey, and Carol Ross.

Bakers: Berta Hawkins, Pat Graham, Carol Ross, Jean Nels, Marjie Wilde, Mary Ann Barnes, Beverly Haman, Linda McChesney, Nancy Harmon, Darlene Daudell, Laura Franklin, Judie Cockburn, Wanda Welbourn, Julie Cassidy, Angie Toreson, Nancy Gandreau, Gayle Hoopes, Yvonne Waite, Trudy Merkle, Lynn Bunton, Vicki Melo, Liz Stiles, Kathy Jones, Sue Spencer, Cindy Miller, and Karen Copsey.

If your name was not listed, know that you are also appreciated.

Raffle winners: Wanda Welbourn, Darlene Daudell, Laura Franklin, Beverly Haman, Jacquie Parker, and Sandra Bjelajue.

The summer and Christmas garage sales brought in over $7,500.00 for the museum. Thank you for your support. We are pleased.

Merry Christmas,

Carol Ross, CH. and Crew,

Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum