Robert "Bob" William Westgard was born July 23rd 1940 in Alameda California.

He spent his early years in the Bay area, when he joined the army at the age of 18. He returned to California after serving 4 years in the armed forces and then married Joan Elaine Westgard in 1965.

At that point Bob began working Aarvaks heating and appliance, a family business. He lived and worked in the Bay area until the age of 55 when he retired and moved to Mount Shasta California with his then wife Charla Westgard. He was joined by his mother Hilka Lea Achey and father James F. Achey.

Bob enjoyed golf, traveling, entertaining guests at his beautiful home on the 9th hole of the Mt. Shasta Resort at which he was a long standing member. Bob also enjoyed the hobby of making his own golf clubs and was known to make sets for friends and for various charitable organizations.

Bob was a member of the Sons in Retirement, Elks Club and other various local organizations.

Bob was a very well known local citizen and will be greatly missed. He is survived by his father James F. Achey, son Brian and daughter Julie as well as his 4 grandchildren Croix, Brandon, Ethan and Evan.