Mount Shasta and our city, we love you. This craziness about dope businesses filtering into our city and surroundings concerns us greatly. We have attended many city meetings and watched the wishes of the residents ignored. We observed you blatantly push aside serious concerns from citizens and professionals, including the County Sheriff. It is obvious the city government is determined to push dope businesses through however they can, regardless of perpetual concerns you’ve heard in person and via email from thousands.

There are so many possibilities to increase business here. Do you really think dope has any future here or anywhere? If dope is bad for our children, it bad for everyone. This whole lot-split issue is ludicrous. Is Mt Shasta that desperate for new business when we all know the dangers of dope? Do not listen to or be influences by those lost in the drug culture. Listen to concerned residents, parents, schools, day care centers, churches, everyone who lives here. You risk losing those who contribute, pay taxes, and support this city we love. Stand up for what is the right thing to do. Kick the dope beast out of our city before it is too late. People, stand up for what is right!

Thank you, Mount Shasta Herald, for speaking the truth.

Janet and Bruce Mendenhall

Mount Shasta