Martha began her appreciation of the Earth and the interconnectedness of all life growing up on a farm in Massachusetts.

She earned her Masters Degree from the University of MA in Amherst.

Her career as a social worker spanned many years in several states.

When she retired and moved to Maine she had the opportunity to garden again. She would also spend time canoeing, birding and being part of the small rural community.

As she aged and after several Maine winters she decided to become a snowbird and come to CA for half the year.

She had the ability to adjust from her life in the country to months in the city effortlessly.

Eventually she had to sell her cabin and land in Maine.

That was her little paradise so it was not an easy time.

True to her spirit she accepted living full time in Berkeley and found a variety of activities to engage in.

Two years ago she moved to Mt Shasta.

The opportunity to live out her life in a small mountain community made her very happy.

She would participate in the Senior Lunch Program at the City Park, making dear friends and enjoying their company three times a week.

She also joined the family at Maagic Mountain Farm in Mt Shasta where she would help with easy farm jobs, such a cleaning eggs and sorting seeds.

She was so grateful to be back on a farm again.

There was also a recent addition to her schedule of attending church each Sunday at The Gathering.

She enjoyed the sermons and the many members of the congregation. Each week she would look forward to the singing and the live music which was a very important part of her church experience.

We will all remember Martha’s positive outlook and enthusiasm for life.

She was a sincerely caring person and a good friend to so many of us.

We will miss you Martha.

Let’s remember her feeding the birds, enjoying our beautiful Mountain surrounded by trees and colorful flowers.