The building on Ream Ave., is not wrong for wanting to do business there – it’s zoned commercial.

The “I AM” School is in the wrong place. They have a special permit to be there. The building was there first as a beer distributor, no one complained then. Their reason that the children are somehow affected by this business is crazy. The building is way down around the corner by the railroad tracks. None of those kids go down there. I know – I worked there for years, and I’m still around that area all the time. I have never seen a child down by that building, so thats a farce.

If the “I AM” School is not going to be a good neighbor, they should have their permit revoked. They are the ones in the wrong place. This anti cannabis is insane. They need to wake up and embrace the company or move.

I think we could get 500 people to sign a referendum to get the “I AM” School’s permit revoked. That would end the problem.

So, “I AM” School, either shut up and get along, or move!

Gino Standart

Mount Shasta