Seems people still are complaining about cannabis. I guess they don’t have computer access or read the newspapers. A majority of California residents voted for “legal” access to cannabis after over 80 years of government-led prohibition. So many people had tried and used cannabis despite the government’s cautions and lies and possible jail time for its use. Can’t think of a stronger affirmation for something than that! But there still is lingering ignorance about it. It’s not a very intelligent response, as the facts about cannabis are very accessible if you really want to find out and especially after 70% of Americans believe it should be decriminalized. But some folks seem to like to hold on to beliefs that have no facts because it is comforting to their belief system. That would be all well and good except they want others to believe exactly how they believe and that ain’t right.

If folks would use facts in their discussions, we’d get to the point more quickly and easily. A tiny uninformed minority has no business trying to control society, but abuse the right of freedom of speech when they do so when their thoughts are not based on facts – the truth.

The misuse of facts or the “truth” is a dangerous thing when it’s used to influence policy or making laws – but it is done all of the time. We see this in our daily lives, in the news and especially politics. If we would only speak up when there is a misrepresentation given, there might be a bit less of this evil.

Funny these same folks never complain about the kiddies walking past stores that sell alcohol, tobacco or that their parents leave pharmaceuticals about their homes where kids have access.

Ron Hennig

Mount Shasta