What I like most about living in Mount Shasta is it hasn’t changed that much compared to other little cities and towns in California since I played high school football in 1984 against area schools or moved here to live in 1994.

What I like about living here is you can go downtown to Seven Suns or any of the other cafes in town and see liberal type people conversing and sitting next to conservatives, there’s families, tourist, couples and no one is judging anyone as it’s coffee time in Shasta- no one cares. (The Old Bagel Cafe first pioneered this harmonious dichotomy and some things will never change in this town.)

I like that the south county has a diversity of interests, backgrounds and thinking it forward. I like that our city council is fair along the lines and considers all angles not just conservative ones unlike most counties in northern California. I like that our police chief Parish Cross is a likable highly respected chief as well as his officers and that they wave back at you out of respect and that Parish looks you in the eye when he talks to you.

That I live in an area where people for the most part are respectful to each other and are tolerable towards others because being supportive neighbors is what makes our area more like a little town than a future little city.

I have respect for anyone who can survive the Shasta Winter or the Shasta Shuffle, it’s not easy to make it here. It bothers me that Owens Pharmacy and Rite Aid Pharmacy are in the keyhold locations in this town dishing out narcotics and very highly addictive drugs but what can I do, over 69,000 people overdosed from opioids in 2019 and some things can not be changed by a few in a little town.

But the one thing I like the most about Mount Shasta is living under the mountain within her own shadow, as though to catch her every movement – her pulse. But I’m sure there’s others who look at the mountain and see something totally different, that’s why they have menus in our local restaurants and tolerable thinking residents.

Happy New Year and New Generation 2020!

Jack Trout

Mount Shasta