Dear Editor,

It is so tragic what is happening in Australia where summer is just beginning and hundreds of wildfires are already raging around the entire continent, so far destroying over 1,000 homes. It is quite ironic because Australia leads the world as one of the largest emitters of climate-changing greenhouse gasses while their government has been in serious denial about their role in contributing to the climate crises.

Wealthy Australia is a huge exporter of coal with $60 billion per year in coal exports. They also rely heavily on coal-fired power plants to produce most of their electricity.

Australia has followed the US policy of climate-change denial by ignoring global carbon reduction commitments and now their country has become a literal hell of wildfire completely ringing that massive continent.

Public opinion about the climate crises is changing rapidly in Australia since this year’s horrific fires, and the government of Australia is going to be under increasing pressure to look at the science and begin to take action on global climate change.

We have “bought and paid for” politicians in both countries to thank for the massive denial about the climate crises, so individual action to curb climate change is a must until our governments get on board to help with reducing our carbon footprints.

We will see lots more folks marching in the streets for action on the climate until our leaders take stock of the situation and make the necessary changes to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Randy Bofinger

Mount Shasta