A few months ago we were treated to the installation of a new technology called the “smart meter.” This is not your father’s electric meter anymore. This new technology is a tool for more corporate involvement in each of our lives. This meter takes readings every second, all day long. It then broadcasts these readings right back to its corporate headquarters where they can determine electrical usage. This usage uses computers to analyze your energy consumption; this is where it gets interesting. They can determine the usage down to the point that they can tell if you open the fridge, turn on the light, the TV, the wash machine, the fan, electric drill, saw, or a blender. The point is that collection of this information will be more valuable than our actual electrical consumption! It is called surveillance technology and it is your personal info on your daily activities they are gathering. They are taking alla this info and are selling it to other corporations.

The corporate world has evolved to the point were they are about to enter all of our lives whether we like it or not. Corporate powers have been working with our legislators for years by offering “campaign contributions.” While this is all legal it has also bought and paid for these elected to the point they actually rely on these “contributions” to exist. We could do the same thing but do we have the same “money power?”

The supreme court of our country has stated that money is the same as speech and the legislature, in all of it’s wisdom and treachery, has further stated that there could be unlimited campaign contributions which now makes the manipulation of our government possible.

Getting back to these smart meters and their problems. These smart meters actually broadcast this info and it is this broadcasting that is another problem, as the transmission from each of these smart meters transmits radiation that is harmful to humans. RF radiation is what this radiation is called and, although the radiation from these meters is stated to be small, there is always the possibility that corporations might value their bottom line more than our health.

We are all now inundated with these new machines to make our lives more what? – livable!? We are sorta gifted that we live away from the high-density areas where these various radiations are concentrated. But how long before it all comes up here?

We need to think more about factors affecting our lives, as our government is not doing that for us. We once had a government that cared – I’d like to think that but I lack the facts. I only know now that they do not care about our welfare as there are really millions of homeless in American today. Homelessness exists because of our governments policies. We tend now to think more of progress that stability.

Ronald Hennig

Mount Shasta