It impairs thinking, mood, memory and coordination. It affects, alters and damages brain cells controlling thinking, emotions, mood and memory. Marijuana accumulates between nerve cells in the brain called synapses. This clogging impairs the transfer of information.

The heart beat can speed up 50 percent. Marijuana damages the network of glands, organs and hormones. Organs and glands affected are the pituitary, thyroid, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, adrenal, and testis. The reproductive system of males and females are affected. Its use can decrease and degenerate sperm, and cause female egg damage. Its use can cause abnormalities similar to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, small head, poor growth and development to the unborn. Its use can also damage chromosomes.

Marijuana can affect the central nervous system. It distorts perception, thinking and reality. Its use can affect concentration and cause mental confusion, loss of motivation, mood swings, cause aggression and hostility, causes depression, anxiety, and paranoia. Its use can also increase chance of developing cancer of the larynx and esophagus.

Significant damage and destruction of air sacs of lungs, reducing the lungs’ ability to bring in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide is possible. The bronchial tubes can become inflamed, thickened and produce more mucus, resulting in narrowing of the air passages. Marijuana smoke has twice the tar as cigarette smoke.

Marijuana depresses the immune system’s ability to protect itself and body against invading bacteria, viruses, chemicals, foreign particles, parasites, fungal microorganisms, infections and decreases ability to protect and prevent growth of cancer cells throughout the body. Other organs and glands affected are thymus, lymph system, spleen, stomach, duodenum, and bone marrow.

The city of Mount Shasta should re-think their idea of a marijuana industry in the city.

Jack Munson

Mount Shasta