As we step into the New Year, let us resolve to cultivate our personal power with equanimity. Emotional calm during dark times is not only good judgment, but essential for sustaining healthy, sane relationships. For too long, corporate sponsored media avoids communicating our shared truths with equanimity. Instead, technology through social media capitalizes on dividing our intrinsic nature with toxic doses of fear and propaganda.

By conditioning our inherent power with nefarious policies, our subjective mind is tempered with intolerance, bigotry, and hate. Consequently, “wars and rumors of wars” shadows our potential for cultivating equanimity. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Therefore, this new year let us dispel any ill will shadowing love’s coherent light. Let us, individually and collectively, vow to keep our minds open (without hostility or resentment) to the light of truth in order to adapt and change. Let us be magnanimous with our choices and decisions, giving attention to what is truly important: “to love and be loved; to live and let live.” By cultivating equanimity, we build the foundation for our moral and spiritual development.

Now, as we navigate the year, let us stop and reaffirm our power in all aspect of public and private life. Now is the time to educate ourselves beyond our devices and look for opportunities to “do the right thing.” Now is the time to listen with unconditional respect and personal responsibility. And, because our prime directive aligns our infinite potential to the sacredness of all life, our greatest task is to honor our unique and authentic power with equanimity. Consequently, we do it for ourselves as well as the entire planet.

Together, we can only succeed.

Gloria Cooper

Mount Shasta