On the central corner of Dunsmuir Ave. and Pine St. the city planning commission has already approved three commercial building fronts for CUPs for cannabis. Now before the planning commission comes a third, in the bank.

The desire in creating a City Cannabis Task Force, holding public hearings by the planning commission was to create reasonable laws to facilitate this new industry in our city and at the same time preserve the community look and feel.

As feared, the low values of buildings in the historic district has caused a rush of cannabis entrepreneurs to inundate downtown. Many of us hope it would be much more spread out.

This city’s downtown has always had parking issues and with Pine Street fountain, the new hotel, new restaurant, and cannabis industry, street parking in the summer will become a major issue for the established businesses. Many of these businesses have contributed for years to our community and schools and have been a bedrock of support for community events. It is up to us as citizens to decide what and how our town should ascribe to our zoning laws. Planning commissioners should know from our input what we feel is appropriate and council needs to address congestion and parking issues before continuing the cannabis inundation on just one intersection.

I am offering to collect letters and signatures and take them to the planning commission for the Element Seven CUP hearing. I will have two signatures of disapproval letters, one with public names, one with non public names I will not disclose, and I will be glad to copy and distribute all letters that address disapproval of the CUP to planning commission.

Now is the time to write your letter. Anyone who resides in the sphere of influence of Dunsmuir. Address them to City of Dunsmuir Planning Commissioners, RE: Element Seven CUP. You can send them to me to be complied, duplicated and distributed to the City of Dunsmuir. My address is 5512 Dunsmuir Ave., Dunsmuir CA, 96025. My email is mariorubino100@gmail.com, and I am on FacebookGroups at “Dunsmuir Political Forum and Cocktail Hour” and “Dunsmuir Political Battle Grounds.”

Mario J. Rubino