I bought your newspaper last week to discover that my neighbor, Angelina Cook, will be on the ballot March 3, running for county supervisor. I’ve only lived here (McCloud) for a year but had the great good luck to land next door to Angelina and family. They’re probably the best neighbors I’ve ever had (also in the running, Dr Sylvia Singer, Children’s Hospital, Oakland; Chief Petty Officer retired, David B. Porter; and Robert Duncan, past editor for Cream magazine). They were friendly and welcoming, kind, industrious folks, who tend a big garden and hang their clothes on the line the old-fashioned way. And if you ever need a hand, just ask. Why, just this last Sunday at noon, I dashed out of the house (in two feet of snow) to get to theater practice (playing a gold rush miner in “Voices of the Golden Ghosts,” to be performed at the Sons of Italy Hall in Weed, Feb 9) just to find that my car battery was flat dead. I hesitated to ask anyone to dislodge themselves on such a cold blustery day, but went and tapped on Angelina’s door, and she smiled and answered promptly, “No problem.” She had her rig positioned in front of my car before I could walk back there myself. Such a nice neighbor. Really, everybody in town loves her.

Vote for Cook. It’s the right thing to do.

John Lionheart