To the residents of McCloud,

You received a letter in December regarding the increase in our service district fees. I am pleading with you to send in a letter of protest on all services, they have to receive these by Feb. 10, 2020.

The protest must be in writing, state you are against the increase in water, sewer, and refuse. You must list your parcel number or MCSD account number. Print your name and original signature.

Here is why I oppose these increases. There has not been consecutive yearly audits since 2013. They skipped five years not knowing if the numbers they started with are correct. During that five years we had a finance officer who didn’t balance the check book and left 1 million dollars in a non-interest bearing checking account for four years. Do you realize how much money we lost? We were told if we did in house garbage our rates would not need to be raised for years. Now one and a half years later they want to raise the rates for the next five years. Our sewer has a large reserve. Some has to be set aside for sewer project, but it still leaves a large reserve.

Residents now paying $113.40 per month, in five years will be paying $162.60 per month. Unless we get all audits up to date, I do not believe we will qualify for grants. We can thank the anti-Nestle bottling protesters for the amount we now have to pay monthly.

The GM, FO, and Public Works Director live outside the district and do not pay these fees. Maybe we can save money and have only a General Manager/Public Works Director. That would save one salary.

More residents need to attend these board meetings. Please do not delay.

Doris Dragseth